How Would You Respond To An Attack?

If you and your team were locked out of your computers, and then held to ransom?

Ransomware or ‘CryptoLocker’ is a common cyber attack where the files and data on your devices are encrypted, rendering them virtually unusable. The hackers demand a ransom, often in the thousands of dollars, for the unlock key; which even when paid, often never comes. 

While your business operations may be able to continue for a while, losing access to all your files and applications will wreak havoc as time goes on.

CyberOnRamp protects you against ransomware through A.I. powered endpoint protection and secure cloud backups.

If you paid a large payment to the wrong bank account?

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Phishing, Spear Phishing and Business Email Compromise (BEC) are email based attacks that use seemingly legitimate looking emails asking for payment, often with some urgency, and almost always with the payment destination account altered by the attackers.

Once paid, you’ll have lost the funds with a significant possibility of not being able to get them returned. In some cases the attackers intercept a legitimate and expected invoice, altering the payment details. In this scenario two parties are at a loss, the issuer of the original invoice and the payee.

Banks can not retrieve the money in all cases and invesitgations can take time. Cyber insurance may assist, as long as your business employs good cyber policy and can demonstrate this through a compliance statement.

If sensitive financial information or worse, personal customer data was leaked to the public?

The leakage of sensitive information is all too often an occurance. This attack can come from many vectors including disgruntled staff (internal actors), compromised user accounts or vulnerabilities on unpatched systems and applications.

You may have a responsibility to report the leak publicly and to statutory authorities, causing damage to your reputation and deeply impacting your ability to do business.

CyberOnRamp XDR includes Data Loss Prevention which can help detect data leakage.

If an insurer asked for your cyber security counter-measures when reviewing a cyber attack claim? 

Just like having locks on the doors or a car alarm, your insurer may ask for the steps you’ve taken to protect your business and build a prudent security posture.

Business leaders are responsible for due diligence when protecting business assests and resources against loss. Inadequate action prior to an event may cause an insurance claim to be denied.

CyberOnRamp includes starter policies and templates so you can build strong security awareness in your organisation. Combined with the security technologies and Security Framwork compliance reports you’ll be in a great position to demonstrate a strong security posture.

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How Would You Respond To An Attack?

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