Cyber Security. It Starts With You.

Business resilience starts with governance.

Business leaders have a responsibility to identify and protect business resources and ensure continuity. Knowing the location and function of mission critical systems and data is the first step in building business resiliency.

CyberOnRamp includes guidance for business leaders, to help them establish strong cyber governance, using starter templates for common policies and procedures.

Security Technology. To detect, protect and resond.

CyberOnRamp includes the worlds number 1 rated Endpoint Detection and Response platform. Extended Detection and Response also spans your email communications and with the purchase of a next generation firewall appliance, can be extened to office networks.

Your protected from total data loss and ransomware with CyberOnRamp secure cloud backup; while data loss prevention technologies (DLP) monitor computers and email for sensitive information leaks.

Vunerbaility scanning, system and software patching is performed through CyberApp, our lightweight endpoint management agent.

Be vigilant, stay safe.

With policy and technical controls established, the last line of defence comes down to people and process.

CyberOnRamp includes PhishTest, the ability to test your team against email phishing campaigns. Results can be used to train your team to better detect and dismiss email bourne threats.

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How Would You Respond To An Attack?

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What is XDR & Why Is It Important?

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Cyber Security. It Starts With You.